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Catastrophic Child Injuries
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There is nothing more heartbreaking than an injury to a child. Child injuries due to the negligence of another can cause permanent disabilities and deficits that will affect a child throughout his or her life. These injury cases require an accomplished child injury lawyer that can assure that any lifetime medical or living needs are met and that the child is compensated for pain and suffering and any loss of ability to earn as an adult.

Injuries to children that a lawyer might handle include:

Whether the catastrophic personal injuries physical or emotional deficits or reduced mental capacity that is not readily visible to the naked eye, it is essential that each case be analyzed thoroughly to determine if it is economically feasible to take it on. Child injury cases require a vast commitment of time and resources, and a thorough assessment of medical records by medical professionals will establish the severity of the injury and/or disability and ensure an accurate estimate of the amount of compensation that can be recovered.

For a free initial consultation, contact Elizabeth Pelypenko, the catastrophic personal injury lawyer who is one of the top personal injury lawyers in Georgia. Since 1992, she has been providing honest and compassionate legal advice to clients severely injured due to the negligence of others. When she decides to champion a case, she will take it on aggressively. Because of her experience, she is effective at assessing the value of cases to make sure that clients receive compensation for their injuries and the health care they require (and deserve) in the future.

Attorney Elizabeth Pelypenko has been honored with prestigious recognition including:

Attorney Elizabeth Pelypenko has been honored with prestigious recognition including:

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