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Recent Cases

Proven Experience in Complex Personal Injury Litigation

Elizabeth Pelypenko has had numerous recoveries of six and seven figures in complex medical malpractice and personal injury cases.

Over $15 Million in Compensation
For Victims of Catastrophic Injuries

$5,000,000 - Anoxic brain injury resulting in Locked-In Syndrome.

$2,100,000 - Brain abcess resulting in degenerative encephalomalacia and complete disability.

$1,650,000 - Anoxic brain trauma resulting in persistent vegetative state.

$1,100,000 - Brain herniation resulting in death

$1,000,000 - Profound hypothyroidism resulting in myxedema coma.

$750,000 - Wrongful death due to misdiagnosis.

$700,000 - Hypoxic brain injury resulting in persistent vegetative state and death

$500,000 - Multiple injuries from a truck accident including shattered femur and total disability.

$400,000 - Wrongful death due to misdiagnosis.

$400,000 - Stroke and death during unnecessary surgery.

$400,000 - Injuries resulting in kidney failure requiring a kidney transplant.

$252,000 - Nerve damage to leg resulting in disability.

$250,000 - Third degree burns.

$230,000 - Fetal distress leading to death of a newborn.

$200,000 - Nerve damage to wrists resulting in disability.

$125,000 - Prescription error resulting in hospitalization.